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Play WorldWide Lotteries Without Leaving Your Home

It’s not a secret that some lotteries have a huge jackpot prize which is better than some local lotteries we all usually play. You can find huge jackpot lotteries in the United States, Italy, UK and more.

Most people are not aware of the fact they can play these lotteries without having to leave their home. The way to do so is playing online.

There is one specific site: www.playthehugelottos.com .

In this site you can choose the world wide lottery you are interested to play and send your tickets online as well as receive your winnings the same way. You can send tickets by making a deposit using a credit card or 3rd party payment processors and receive your winnings either to your credit card or directly to your bank account or via check.

It’s easier to play online than having to go to your local lottery stand / shop and send your tickets – you can play the lottery in your underwear and send your lottery tickets with several clicks of the mouse.

Go ahead and see what www.playthehugelottos.com has to offer.

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10 More days for Karamba

In case you haven’t paying attention there are only 10 days left to win real money playing online slots at karamba.com . You can take advantage of the free $5 promotion as well as all the exciting games Karamba has to offer.

That’s not all – Scratching cards and playing slot machines are just some of the games offered there, you can find many other games.

You don’t even have to play for real money if you don’t want to – there’s a free practice mode with the same games offered in the real version so you can play as much as you want not having to worry about winning or losing and your budget.

So hurry up – 10 days left go and win real money playing online slots at karamba.com

Win real money playing online slots at karamba.com

Update: January 12th 2011

This would be the last update for the win real money playing online slots at karamba.com . While this contest has been running for the past 2 months there were thoughts about it being a scam or fraud. One thing is for sure, in 3 days we’ll know. For now you can enjoy all the information about the contest.

Welcome to the official page about the “Win real money playing online slots at karamba.com” It’s time to read more about the concept and contest and find out why you should try out the games and become a winner.

You should do so as you get $5 free bonus as you join Karamba to try out the real money version. This is definitely something worth a try!

Happy New Year – 2011!

It’s time to win real money playing online slots at karamba.com this year you can enjoy a free round of slot machine at karamba with the $5 free no deposit required bonus you can receive simply by joining karamba. Below you can read more about features karamba has to offer – there are 2011 reasons why you should join and start playing – good luck!

Get updated with the current winner list on the official karamba website including the type of game played maybe you could be the next winner?

Recent Winners:
Rachel Wolhelm – UK
Peter Nicolas – UK
Hans Wullmot – Germany
Karina Ferdinand – Netherlands
Bob Smerling – Ireland

This list was last updated January 6th 2011

Now is your chance to Win real money playing online slots at karamba.com since Karamba is giving out a brand new Smart car as a promotion for new players.

This is not the only promotion going on at Karamba at the moment, you can always find a promption to suit your style as winning is always made possible on Karamba.com.

The addition of online slots to the scratch card games make Karamba even more attractive than simply being a scratch card online station.

As a new player you can get started with either $5 free no deposit bonus or a 100% match bonus on your first deposit welcome bonus. There are more promotions running at the moment, the Smart car giveaway is just one of these promos.

Karamba is fun, it’s a great way to spend some time online and win some real money playing the excellent games Karamba.com has to offer.

Karamba offers several type of games including casino games, scratch card games and video arcade games all can be played for free and for real money you can also find bingo and keno available either in a scratch version or real game.

With more than 60 different games you can’t go wrong.

You can play scratch card related games, roulette, blackjack, online slot machines of course and many other games at Karamba. Keep in mind that new games are constantly added so you’ll find new and exciting games to play at all time.

Here are all the games offered by Karamba:

3WOW, 5th Avenue, 7Heaven, Atlantis Rules, Bingo Bonanza . Blackjack � Classic, Bon Appetit, Bowling, Bubble Bingo, Cafe Paris, Candy Tale, Cash Farm, Castle Slot, Chic Boutique, Circus Mania, Club Pearl, Conga Beat, Crazy Cat, Dancing Domino, Darts Rules, Disco Keno, Egyptian Magic, Esmeralda, Fair Play, Fantasia, Fast Hands, Golden Island, Grand Crown, Happy Birthday, HiLo54, Holiday Hotel, Ice Land, Jungle Joy, Knights Battle, Love Birds, Lucky 21, Macau Nights, MasterMix, Memory Madness, Monaco Glamour, Monte Carlo, Music Room, Namaste , Oasis Dreams, Ocean Pearls, Outer Space, Pirates Paradise, Poker King, Pub House, Ready Set Go ,Road Racing, Roulette, Roulette Lounge, Royal Poker, Royal Slots, Sakura garden, Sky of Love , Slot 777, Slot Super 7, Slots Pyramid, Spy Comics, Super 3WOW!, The Lost Maya, Tiger Mahjong Triple Carnival, Tropical Fruit, World Champions and X&O .

Playing for free and playing for real money are your options. If you wish to try out the variety of games you can do so either in the real money or the free mode, just that the real money mode will require you to make a deposit to Karamba.

Play in your language – Karamba offers the following languages: English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, German, Portuguese, Norwegian,� Swedish, Danish and Greek this includes full player support.

So don’t waste any more time and win real money playing online slots at karamba.com as well as other games offered.

To sum it all up in Karamba you can find: scratch cards, slot machine games as well as other casino games ongoing promotions, multi-lingual support, wide variety of deposit methods and more. Now it’s your chance to win real money playing online slots at karamba.com .

A great way to get started playing for real money is by taking advantage of the free no deposit bonus of $5 which is given by default to new players. This is a great way to practice before you consider switching to real money but all in all the goal is to win and win big!

Good luck!

The Lottery Checkmate System

The Lottery Checkmate System is with no doubt one of the most innovative Lottery Systems out there. Its author, Sergey Tabin, a former Russian chess player, created a system which is both easy to use and it works.

This combination was made possible following a year of research and trial and error which ended up creating one of the best lottery systems there is.

This system is the product of other failing systems which are mentioned on the sales page of the Lottery Checkmate system and the author is not shamed of that.

If you got nothing out of the good old lottery systems, then you got to try the Lottery Checkmate as this is something you have never seen before, unlike other lottery systems – this one works and it’s user friendly making it easy to use even if you don’t know math or you are uncomfortable with complicated formulas.

There are several good reasons to get the Lottery Checkmate:

  • It works
  • Instant download
  • Cheap price – compared to how much you can win, the price is a joke!
  • Support – unlike other systems, Sergey the author is available to communicate with you through email and help you through using The Lottery Checkmate System.
  • Money Back Guarantee – that’s right – if you are unsatisfied you can get your money back – as simple as that

With all these benefits and more there’s no doubt that the Lottery Checkmate is going to be the next best Lottery System on the internet.

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Spread The Word Competition

Spread the word about 32Lottery and win cash prizes!

32Lottery is holding its first Spread The Word competition. Check your e-mail for more details about the competition and how to participate.

You can spread the word and bring your friends to play 32Lottery – it’s fun and it’s free!

We are proud to be the biggest free online lottery service offering real cash prizes on a daily basis and so we would like to thank you – the players.

Join us today and enjoy a daily $500 draw and other great bonuses!

If you didn’t get the mail about the “Spread The Word Competition” and you wish to participate, please contact us and ask for more details.

Look forward for more great promotions during the 2010 world cup!


The Inverted Lottery System

22Lottery presents the inverted lottery system, the system that never fails to win the lottery.
Now is your chance to learn how to win the lottery the easy way with the easy reading ebook called The Inverted Lottery System.

This ebook will present you with a system to maximize your chances to win the lottery by using Lottery Wheels which will enable you to play with more numbers without spending a lot of money and dramatically increase your chances to win the lottery, not only the secondary prizes but obviously the more you play the bigger your chance to win the grand prize.

The Inverted Lottery system works with almost any world wide lottery draw. On the official website you can find a list of the lottery draws this system works best with.

Picking random numbers, birth dates or special occasions, or just picking the same number over and over again for a long period of time, just don’t work. Now it’s time to optimize your lottery games and use your lottery ticket wisely.

The Inverted Lottery System’s eBook is not free ($37) but obviously the investment should cover itself shortly as you are guaranteed to win the lottery.

Don’t wait any longer, once you get started using this system you will realize you have been wasting your time playing the lottery with no logic.

You can read the full Inverted Lottery System Review Here.

Or You can go ahead and go to the official website by clicking here.

Good luck!

22Lottery is Multilingual!

22Lottery is proud to launch it’s newly added languages, now more people can enjoy the thrilling game of 22Lottery.

The newly added languages are:

German – Spielen sie Lotterie (play lottery)

Italian – lotteria (lottery)

French – loterie en ligne (Lottery online)

Lottery is an international language and we are sure many of our language speaking users feel the same.

These languages are added to our good old English online lottery website which has been running for almost 2 years now.

There are more exciting changes and additions coming to 22Lottery. Stay tuned and keep playing – you can easily win our daily $500 prize as well as take part in the mega draw for the grand $22,000,000 prize.

Good luck,


Get ready for more languages!

22Lottery is growing and expanding to new countries!

Soon 22Lottery will be available in French, Italian and German as well as English and that’s not more. As our online lottery community is growing bigger and bigger we have some special surprises waiting for you inside your 32Lottery account.

So what are you waiting for, the next draw is coming up…join us and play!

The 32Lottery Team!

32 Lottery…Oh Yeah it’s real!

We’ve been getting lots of questions recently about whether we’re for real and whether we pay so we have just one thing to say – We’re for real and yes, we pay!

We have our great sponsors to thank for the amazing prizes and we handed out thousands in prizes so far and we want more! more winners! more prizes!

Now is the time to tell a friend and giving your friend the chance to win our daily prize and of course take part in the mega draw!

It’s also the time to give our sponsors a visit, we single handedly picked our sponsors – we don’t accept just anyone – so know they have our seal of approval.

And finally we would like to thank our ever growing community of lottery players, we love to see you play and we love to see you win! Right now hundreds of players are picking their numbers for tomorrow’s draw and we want to hand out some prizes.

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