Lottery Strategy

Lottery strategies are generally based on mathematics and logic. The techniques are commonly deduced on reality based systems and assist in improving your odds significantly. The strategical techniques that are generally adapted by the more serious and dedicated players are tracking, wheeling and pooling. Most people who specialize in lottery selection methods and strategies are usually repeat winners.
Tracking is a popular system and is often referred to as frequency analysis. It involves the process of keeping a track of individual numbers drawn over a period of time. This method of strategy can be easily compared to handicapping a race horse where his past performance is rated to determine his future chances of winning. Numbers that appear often in a particular game are tagged as hot numbers. These numbers will be picked by players exclusively on the assumption that since they have appeared in the past, there are fair chances of it appearing in the future too. On the reverse side, some players believe that these hot numbers may hinder their chances of winning and thus they track cold numbers or numbers that are overdue to hit yet. Considering these two school of thoughts, specialists recommend the middle path where you select a combination of hot and cold numbers as well as personal numbers such as birthdates.
Wheeling is the second technique that will help you to lock all your favorite numbers on the same play and dramatically increases your odds of winning. Wheeling may involve some expenses and if implemented methodically can assure a prize amount but of course not the jackpot. It involves preparing a master list of your best pick-ups and using a coded system, you play them in different combinations.
Pooling in your money or joining a lottery club is a strategy for growing your resources so that you get a wider bang for your buck. Of course, it has its drawbacks and the most primary of them being is that you might have to split your winnings with others. If you can smartly visualize these strategies in a positive light and if you truly believe in your instincts, then head for the lottery and play confidently.