World Cup Lottery 2010

It’s the year of the world cup and the excitement is building. The Soccer World Cup 2010 is to take place in South Africa and there are already rumors about a special World Cup 2010 Lottery to take place during the world cup with a special mega prize in South Africa.

The World Cup 2010 Lottery in South Africa will probably enjoy more participants than any other lottery due to the special even taking place there at the time of the lottery draw.

It is estimated that more than one million people will visit South Africa during the world cup games and since the soccer matches goes hand in hand with gambling, there’s no doubt that the world cup lottery will be a huge hit.

Regardless of that, the world cup lottery taking place in 2010 is not an online lottery and you can’t play it online, this is why if you even received an e-mail inviting you to play in the South Africa Lottery, it’s a scam and Fraud – don’t buy this. Online lottery fraud are also known as the nigerian scam which invites you to claim winnings for a fake prize with a small investment.

During the world cup, 32Lottery invites you to play in the daily online lottery draw to have your chance of winning $500 daily.

And one more thing, if you are planning to watch the matches and you need a way to watch the world cup live, you can do so from your own PC or Laptop using a streaming software. This has nothing to do with the world cup lottery of course but it’s good to know. You wouldn’t want to miss the matches.

Enjoy the 2010 World Cup!