Lottery bonus

Lottery bonus draws are occasional draws introduced by the operators to mark special occasions. Bonus draws are only drawn in association with and after a normal draw. They follow the same format as a lotto draw except that no bonus number is chosen. If you have bought a ticket, for the normal lotto draw, then the same numbers will be automatically entered for the bonus draw for you. Bonus draws are played for the jackpot only. That indicates that you can win a prize by matching all the 6 numbers. If you match 3, 4, or 5 numbers, you win nothing. A lottery bonus provides you with a second chance to win big with exclusive packages. Successful lottery players do not rely on good luck. They take sensible steps to significantly increase the likelihood of having a winning ticket.

Do you buy lottery tickets and dream sweet dreams about winning millions of dollars? Maybe that dream can come true. There are two types of lottery players. The first type is the ones who play half heartedly and the other type is those who really play to win. Winning the lottery is for those who take action. If you feel strongly and believe in your gut instincts rather than counting the odds you can definitely foresee positive and brighter chances of winning. In this state of mind, you can clearly apply the lottery strategies and choose the correct combinations of numbers. Loosing hope or moving with losers will further deplete your confidence. If you do not succeed in a single try, do not loose hope. Keep pursuing and maybe you will hit the jackpot or maybe win a smaller prize amount. Playing lottery online or personally buying a game ticket, it is all a luck game but if your perspective from the start morbid, the results too will reflect your attitude. So be confident and zealous and just hope and pray for the best.