How to play lottery?

Are you one of the millions of people all over that like to play lottery? Advanced technology has now made it possible for you to play lotteries in many countries from the comfort of your home. From mega millions and powerball in the U.S, to the euro millions, UK lottery and lots more of such international lotteries, you can place your bet where you feel the chances of winning seem brighter and more plausible. The choice is all yours!! By searching and then short listing the many lotteries, you can decide which lottery has the odds that seem right for you. It’s easy and fun to play the lottery online and you could be the next lucky jackpot winner. There is a simple and easy to comprehend process for playing, provided lady luck is by your side, then winning is not a distant possibility.

You begin with choosing or marking five numbers from 1- 30 on any individual lottery board, lottery ticket or lottery payslip. On some of the tickets or pay slips, you can also play with more than one set of numbers. You let the computer terminal choose your five number combinations at random, of course if you are playing lottery online. Some lottery tickets allow you to play the same numbers for more than one week or for several draws. You may receive only one ticket but your numbers will be entered for the draw days and number of weeks selected. The complete lottery ticket or pays lip should be taken to the retailer or lottery terminal and you will be given a lottery game ticket after the number selections are entered. Keep your ticket safe as it would be your sole proof, in case you are declared the winner. If your 6 number selection matches the 6 numbers drawn in the relevant lotto game in any order, then you are a jackpot winner. You may have to share the jackpot with other winners too. If you lucky enough, then matching 2,3,4 numbers out of 5 would also entitle you to a monetary prize, although of a small amount. If you have already matched 4 numbers then matching the bonus number will entitle you to the 2nd highest prize.