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Winning the lottery is not impossible. The fact is that people do win the lottery and when you are asking yourself how to win the lottery you are actually opening the gate to new ways of winning the lottery, ways that don’t fully depend on luck and chance.

How not to win the lottery – follow these ways and you will most likely not win the lottery:

  1. Using memorable dates – Your birthday, your wife / girlfriend’s birthday, your anniversary, your age, your dog / cat age and so on. Using dates is just wrong as you are limiting your numbers between 1-31 and most of your numbers are low.

  2. Using the same numbers over and over again – While you probably think that one they you will win, you need to know that you are competing with millions of other sets of numbers and when you do a simple math you are playing your number 365 times a year the most (considering you are playing a daily lottery draw).

  3. Choosing random numbers in many tickets – If there’s no logic behind what you are doing, you might as well choose 6 numbers and fill many tickets with these 6 numbers because you might accidently do the same if you are doing it with no logic.

Now that you know how not to win the lottery, you should know that there’s only one way to win the lottery letting aside plain dumb luck (which happens). It’s called a lottery system.

The most commonly used lottery system is called a lottery wheel. Using lottery wheels is the best way to win the lottery as they dramatically increase your chances of picking the right set of numbers which will include the winning numbers and not your dog’s birthday date.

There are many guides, books, websites and people who claim they have the winning numbers or they have a way of getting the winning numbers, the fact is that if they had the winning numbers they would be millionaires and not having to work for the rest of their life like they do now. Be smart and listen to logic.

It’s not always has to be about the luck, there’s a lot you can do to help luck help you win the lottery. As previously mentioned, winning the lottery is not impossible, all you need to do is learn how to win the lottery and you can do just that by reading one of the guides about the lottery systems.

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