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Mega Prize
1. $22,000,000 Mega Draw 2. $500 Daily Draw 3. Special Bonus Offers
Daily Lottery

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22Lottery offers a daily lottery draw with a daily prize pool of $500. In order to win the daily prize all you need to do is pick 5 numbers out of 30 numbers and if all 5 numbers match the daily randomly drawn numbers, you are the winner and you won $500.

There are various lotteries around the world offering daily lottery draws. Most of these lotteries are located in the United States. There you can play the Pennsylvania daily lottery, Massachusetts State Lottery, Rhode Island, California, New York daily lottery and more.

Whether you are living in the United States in the places mentioned above or not you can participate in the daily lotteries through several online services in which you can but a lottery ticket online and play the lottery.

These are the places in which you can play the daily lottery draws online:

The Lotter – offering lottery draws from all around the world, payment is done directly to your credit card or Neteller account – you can read the full the lotter review here.

Playing the daily lottery enables you to play the same set of numbers every day instead of waiting for weekly or bi weekly draws which are the most common type of lottery draws.

Make sure to check the lottery results and that your lottery ticket is valid for the day of the draw if you are playing different set of numbers every day.

Playing the daily lottery also enables you to test different lottery systems since you can play the numbers you wish to play as part of the system every day without forgetting what the system is all about. This is the best part about playing online and not having to manually fill the lottery forms every day.

The lottery as other forms of gambling is addictive and playing daily can cause gambling addictions. This is why you should limit yourself with a lottery budget.

The daily lottery draws usually have a smaller jackpot prize since they are held daily and have a relatively small number of players participating, this is good and bad at the same time, while the prize is not millions, you might win a smaller prize but you will most likely not have to share it with anyone else which means you will win more than sharing your prize with others. This goes for the first prize as well as the less big prizes which you are more likely to win.

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