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1. $22,000,000 Mega Draw 2. $500 Daily Draw 3. Special Bonus Offers
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1. Does it cost anything to participate in the draws?
No, it doesn't cost anything to participate.
2. How do i participate in the draw?
It's easy, simply choose the numbers on the homepage by clicking on them - you need to choose 5 numbers out of 30. Then enter your e-mail address and click "Continue". Fill in the rest of the details (Country, Phone) and you will be receiving an e-mail with an activation code shortly. Either click on the link or copy it to your browser URL and once your account is activated you will receive your login details and you will participate in the nearest draw with the numbers you have chosen. Good luck!
3. How will i receive my winnings?
We will contact you following your winning and offer you one of our available means of payments.
4. How will you contact me to announce my winnings?
We will contact you via the E-mail address you entered when registering to 22Lottery and the phone number you used when registering.
5.  Can i participate in more than 1 draw?
You can participate in all daily draws.
6. How many times can i play in the daily draw?
You can play once per daily draw, every day.
7. What type of draws do you have to offer?
We offer 2 type of draws:
* The Daily Draw - Takes place daily and carries a prize of $500. The winning numbers are announced inside the members area.
* The Mega Draw - This draw will take place at the time and date as states in the Rules. Only 22Lottery members are entitled to participate in this special lottery draw.
8.  How do i know if i won?
You can check inside your member account to see if you have the lucky winning numbers. We will contact you and let you know you won.
9. How do i know if you are for real?
22Lottery has been operating since 2008 and is a registered company in Cyprus. 
10. How will i know when the mega draw takes place?
We will contact all of our members via E-mail and let them know about the mega draw and how to participate.
11. Where does the money for the lottery prizes come from?
It's simple. We have sponsors who pay for the prizes and in return we advertise them. You will notice our sponsors inside your online lottery member account here in 22Lottery.
12. Where can i get updated about winners and news from 22Lottery?
Check out our blog, we update it whenever we have something important to say.
13. I have another issue which is not listed here.
Feel free to contact us at any time.
Good luck!
The 22Lottery Team! 

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