Free lottery

Why voluntarily pay extra taxes to the state government by playing state lotteries? You can play many lotteries with big cash prizes and just as good odds on the internet for free. There are many popular free lottery games that are played once a day but the prize money gradually decreases with less numbers matched. For instance, a 7 number match would fetch you $1 million, match 6 numbers and win $1000, match 5 numbers and win a $15 gift certificate and match 4 numbers and win a $5 gift certificate. Free lotto, sweepstakes and online bingo are some of the free lottery games offered online.
The sites offering free lotto games are most users friendly and ensure fairness while drawing the numbers. The numbers are drawn by New York lottery services to ensure privacy and no discrimination. The cash prizes offered on winning free lottery games are quite generous and handsome. Most of the free lottery games available online are sponsored by genuine and big hearted individuals or companies who make it possible for millions of people all around the world to test their luck at zero cost. The main reason for having a free lotto site is to encourage and inspire players to keep coming back form time to time. Every one loves free stuff and would be equally excited to grab the opportunities attached to it. Each free lottery game is latched with a rigid set of rules and regulations and players who are found in violation of the official rules will be automatically disqualified and any winnings will be forfeited. In case of a free lottery game, the participants need to be extra cautious o ensure that their entries are valid and in conformity to the rules. Thus we can say why pay to play lottery when online services happily provide ad sponsored totally free lotto games complemented by great cash prizes