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No tickets lottery

As online lottery catches on and its popularity rises, so do its variations. Apart from the hugely popular state lotteries and its online clones, there are other forms of online lottery which offers you more game options on their site other than the usual number games. Besides the regular ones that require you to possess a ticket, there are more interesting ones which are �no tickets lottery�. To play lottery you simply need to register and retain a number that the hosts give you as member verification.

How do you go about this? And what�s the catch? After all, why would anyone give away prizes without any ticket? Well� for one, playing online lottery is a little different from acquiring a ticket from a terminal since in the online instance, your computer is also involved in the game and there are ways in which to verify you as a member other than your email identity. For example, cookies are placed in your computer via the internet, which contain your member information. This in turn automatically verifies you as a member when you sign in with your username and password. Of course, �no tickets lottery� does not really imply that there are no formal ways of entering the game you want to play.

Every lottery site will contain some manner in which to help identify a winner when a player hits the jackpot and has to claim the prize. As a player you will be issued a Transaction Serial Number or a PIN number or both. These numbers are important ticket-like �documents� that you need to save safely.
There are other types of lotteries which require you to buy a subscription. After you register, all you need to do is click on a banner. Sometimes you will be asked to answer a few questions to get your chance to play the game. Another instance of no tickets lottery is where they give you a chance to play for free without any tickets. But the catch here is that once you get hooked on it, you will be required to play the regular way through a purchased ticket. They are usually not wrong in assuming that you would want to.