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22Lottery is Multilingual!

22Lottery is proud to launch it’s newly added languages, now more people can enjoy the thrilling game of 22Lottery.

The newly added languages are:

German – Spielen sie Lotterie (play lottery)

Italian – lotteria (lottery)

French – loterie en ligne (Lottery online)

Lottery is an international language and we are sure many of our language speaking users feel the same.

These languages are added to our good old English online lottery website which has been running for almost 2 years now.

There are more exciting changes and additions coming to 22Lottery. Stay tuned and keep playing – you can easily win our daily $500 prize as well as take part in the mega draw for the grand $22,000,000 prize.

Good luck,


32 Lottery…Oh Yeah it’s real!

We’ve been getting lots of questions recently about whether we’re for real and whether we pay so we have just one thing to say – We’re for real and yes, we pay!

We have our great sponsors to thank for the amazing prizes and we handed out thousands in prizes so far and we want more! more winners! more prizes!

Now is the time to tell a friend and giving your friend the chance to win our daily prize and of course take part in the mega draw!

It’s also the time to give our sponsors a visit, we single handedly picked our sponsors – we don’t accept just anyone – so know they have our seal of approval.

And finally we would like to thank our ever growing community of lottery players, we love to see you play and we love to see you win! Right now hundreds of players are picking their numbers for tomorrow’s draw and we want to hand out some prizes.

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Good Luck!

22Lottery is just getting bigger and bigger

22Lottery the revolutionary free online lottery website where you can win $22,000,000 is getting bigger and bigger every day. New and existing members are enjoying daily draws and exclusive offers.

22Lottery reinvented the concept of online lottery games becoming the first website to offer a huge prize for absolutely free – no charge.

Playing the game is easy and requires no knowledge. All that is needed to have the chance of winning the extraordinary prizes is to pick 5 numbers out of 30 numbers.

The rumor of 22Lottery is spreading by word of mouth and friends are inviting their friends to join and have their chance of winning the great prizes offered by 22Lottery.

22Lottery prides itself in having excellent support staff who is more than happy to help its members in their way to winning millions.

22Lottery would like to wish his members good luck and congratulate the latest winners!